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New Adobe Flash Flaw Stirs New Security Concern

The vulnerable Adobe Flash once again poses your computers at risk with a new Adobe Flash flaw. In recent days, after taking full advantages of the latest Adobe Flash flaw, a Word document named “iPhone 5 Battery” turns out to be a new menace for personal computers. Consequently, on seeing such document, delete it immediately instead of opening it. Otherwise, a backdoor known as Backdoor Briba, which will disguise an executable file downloaded from remote server as a GIF image, will be executed.

Adobe Flash Flaw

Actually, this is not the first time that hackers tried to attack personal computers via Adobe Flash flaws. In March, an Adobe Flash flaw known as CVE-2012-0779 made it easier for users to attack the computers via custom crafted emails with malicious attachments. In May, the vulnerability described as object confusion vulnerability enabled hackers to execute malicious code and even take control of the computer. Even though those Adobe Flash flaws were fixed with corresponding updates, doubts about the security of Adobe Flash have never ceased.

Just as the old saying, misfortune never comes singly. This year, Adobe Flash not only has to cope with those security vulnerabilities but also face rejections from various companies. After turned down by The new iPad for being a high-energy consuming but low-security concerning application, Adobe Flash was excluded from the supporting list of Android devices running Jelly Bean. Consequently, alternative applications are called for to help users play Flash on iPad or enjoy Flash on Google Nexus 7.

To some extent, Apple product accidentally plays an important role in the popularization of Backdoor Briba. Now as the releasing date of the long-rumored iPhone 5 is approaching, various iPhone 5 rumors were spread. As a consequence, any things related to iPhone 5 can easily stir people’s curiosity. By naming the Word document “iPhone 5 Battery”, the backdoor program gained more chances to be executed and spread. Therefore, not only Adobe Flash vulnerability is being employed by hackers this time but also people’s passion towards the latest Apple mobile, iPhone 5.

As the hit product of Apple, iPhone series has earned both profits and good reputation in recent years. As the latest member of iPhone series, iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in September along with the long-rumored iPad Mini. Though details about iPhone 5 remain unknown, one certain thing is that support for Adobe Flash on iPhone 5 won’t happen. Moreover, even though with improved security, Adobe Flash is not likely to regain its place for the rising of alternative applications.

Adobe Uses Apple HLS to Make Flash Playable on iOS


It is reported previously in April that the new version of Flash Media Sever added HLS(also known as HTTP Live Streaming) protocol to play Flash movies seamlessly on iOS devices, saving the troubles for Internet content suppliers to convert Flash format and modify the web content.

Adobe announced this news during the National Broadcasting Association’s Annual Meeting that the new generation of Flash Media Server will support the Apple-exclusive HTML5 streaming protocol HTTP (HLS model), which makes it possible to play Flash movies on iOS devices. The new Adobe Flash Media Server live encoder will also support HLS as instant video broadcast.


Adobe Flash Media Server is a special media server made for playing Flashes. It originally only uses Adobe HTTP dynamic stream, this protocol compresses media files using MP4 format, transmits through HTTP, but has to be played via Flash. Therefore, HLS was added to the brand-new Flash Media Sever, which makes it possible to play Flash movies on iOS devices without changing its format and modifying the web content.

More tips to play Flash files on iOS devices and Apple portable devices:

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Flash-Supported iSWiFTER Browser Makes Flash on iPad Unimpeded


It is well-known that Apple iOS4 operating system does not support online Flash playback, that is to say, as long as there are Flash files on the webpage, they won’t be displayed properly. That is a big trouble indeed. However, today we are going to introduce a browser named iSWiFTER, which can perfectly support Flash playback. Scroll down to read more if you are interested.


It is great to watch Flashes online via iSWiFTER, such as the TV series on hulu. com. After the first few seconds of audio and video synchronization adjustment, is has no difference than your local browsing. It is much better than the previous few similar applications speaking of the overall effect and practicability.


As for the popular “Happy Farm” game and other pure mouse operation flash games that the keyboard is not involved, it has no problem at all. However, it might stuck a little bit due to the fact that the software server is located in United States. Anyway, this software is definitely worth a try if you can only choose not to play or to play a little bit.

For your reference, there are some tools also can ensure the flash playback on iPad and the latest iPad 2, you just have to convert the flash files you want to play to iPad-friendly format MP4, that’s it!