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Best Graduation Gifts: Graduation Flash Cards, Graduation Books and Graduation Flash Games

Along with the approaching of summer vacation goes the grief of graduate. Since the graduation season is around the corner, it is time for graduates to say goodbye to the places where they have left their happy memories and to their friends who share happiness and sorrow with them. Accompanied with cries and woes, graduation is a necessary process for every student.

Graduation gifts are required in graduation season. If you can’t figure out what graduation gifts to send, you can refer to this post. This post will recommend you several best graduation gifts including graduation Flash cards, graduation books and graduation Flash games.

I. Graduation Flash cards

Cards are usually sent during festivals. You may have got Christmas cards or Easter cards in the past few years, but the graduation season may be the last time for you to send cards to friends. Therefore, why not make your cards specially. Here we have found some interesting graduation Flash cards for you.

1. We Made it

2. Milestone

3. Graduation Star

II. Graduation Books

1. The Accidental Billionaires


It is not strange if you are familiar with this name because the movie “The Social Network” is directed based on it. This book reveals you how a Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg begins his way to create and develop Facebook. For graduates who want to be rich in the future, they can learn something from this book.

2. The Graduate

The Graduate book

This is not the movie made by Dustin Hoffman, it is a novel written by Charles Webb. The movie “The Graduate” is directed based on the novel. As a graduate in the school and a green hand in the society, you will be definitely confused about uncertain future just like Benjamin does. If you want to get rid of this confusion, this book may help.

III. Graduation Flash Games

1. Funny Graduation Game

In the game, you are in a graduation ceremony and you need to find some objects to help finish certain tasks. Of course, you are trying to revenge those who have bullied you. This is your last chance, if you can’t hold it, you have to see those guys finish graduation ceremony happily.

2. Graduation Dress-up Game

For girls, they spend too much time on preparing for graduation dresses. To leave a deep impression for all on graduation ceremony, they need to select the best graduation dresses as well as the hairstyles that can match with the dresses. To this extent, this game may help them to figure out the most suitable graduation dresses for them.

Those are the best graduation gifts for graduates. If you are interested in the graduation Flash card or the graduation Flash games, you can download the Flash and even convert the Flash to other video files.