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Ice Age 4: A Cool Breeze in the Summer Movie Market

Summer is a good time for movie fans because it brings them a lot of excellent summer movies. However, summer is a bad time for summer movies because few can top the ranking list for long in the fierce competition. This is true even for those summer movies that are viewed as most anticipated movies of the year.

Last week, Madagascar 3 had beaten Snow White and Huntsman and Prometheus to be the new winner in the movie market. However, as another expected animated movie, Ice Age 4 will face more difficult situation. As a movie released in June, Ice Age: Continental Drift needs to face the challenges from The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises.

Ice Age 4 is viewed as a cool breeze in the summer movie market both for the climate in the movie and for its funny and humorous style. However, if it can achieve outstanding performance in July, the cool breeze will turn to be a storm in the summer movie market. In order to help you know more about Ice Age 4, this post will show you all the Ice Age movies.

1. Ice Age trilogy

Released in 2002, Ice Age mainly tells a story about how a stupid sloth, a woolly mammoth, and a saber-toothed tiger manage to send a human child back home. The 2006 movie, Ice Age: The Meltdown tells how Manny, Sid and Diego get to the higher ground to escape from being drowned. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is about how the three friends survival in the dinosaur world.

Ice Age trilogy had gained 2.1 billion dollars in box office. Ice Age got 380 million dollars, Ice Age: The Meltdown got 650 million dollars and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs got 880 million dollars. If you want to watch them with The new iPad, you can convert the DVDs to mp4 files.

2. Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age 4

Due to the tremendous success of Ice Age trilogy, people pay more attention to Ice Age: Continental Drift. After three-year departure, the three friends will bring audience a new adventure. This time, the sloth, the mammoth and the tiger are forced to start a thrilling voyage with the ice boat.

In Ice Age 4, the three friends use an iceberg to start their journey to find a new continent. However, before they can get to the destination, they are forced to fight against various sea creatures and even pirates. Of course, the cute squirrel will go along with them because he is still chasing the nut.

Besides Ice Age movies, Ice Age games are also available. This post will provide you a Flash game on Ice Age, if you love it, you can download the Flash game with Moyea Free Flash Downoloader.

Make Your 2011 Summer Holiday a Flash Possibility

Now comes June, probably the hottest and the most exciting summer time in a year! No matter your children are excited about the school summer camp, or you two are busy preparing the exotic summer holiday, here are some tips and ideas that may help to create a wonderful summer time 2011!

Let us see how to make your summer holidays the flash possibilities:


Go Summer Camps: correction, it is not just kids and teenagers thing, adults can also have great fun in kinds of summer camps. Summer camp categorized by regions, for example, Nevada summer camp, Las Vegas summer camp, Brighton summer camp, etc. Summer camp categorized by themes, such as summer camp for music, for art, for military, for fashion & culture and so on. You will be greatly entertained from any one of them, I am sure.


Go Summer Holidays: fly to Jamaica to wander on the beach in the moonlight, or to Maldives to snorkel in the crystal-clear water with Nemo, or to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy samba…it is all your choice! Pack your stuff and go to enjoy your summer time right now.


Go Summer Entertainments: a hard-core fan of summer movies, no problem, Kungfu Panda 2, Transformers 3, Harry Porter(the final episode), etc will all land in this summer. Just make sure you will be in the cinema on time to take those visual blockbusters.

Go Summer Media Kits: for those computer geeks and professionals, you can also spend a good summer time in the digital world! Download an online summer flash, convert a flash animation you made to picture or video format for easy sharing, record the way how you play summer-themed flash games, or send your friends dynamic summer flash ecards, like the one below.

Happy summer time and have a great day, everyone!