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Halloween Game Recommendations – Top 4 PC Games to Play on 2012 Halloween

As a yearly holiday observed around the world, Halloween is second to none in importance and influence. Created to commemorate the dead, Halloween is featured by Halloween horror story, Halloween horror movies and Halloween horror costumes. Though those Halloween elements may sound spooky, they have made Halloween special. Now as Halloween 2012 is approaching, people are trying to figure out new ways to celebrate it.

“How Can I celebrate Halloween 2012?” “What can I do on Halloween 2012?” To some people, it is a good way to celebrate Halloween 2012 in a tradition way by sharing horror stories or watching horror movies. For others, they may desire to spend an impressive Halloween with creative Halloween 2012 ideas like playing recommended Halloween games. Therefore in this post on Halloween game recommendations, four PC games will be covered to help you enjoy 2012 Halloween.

1. Haunted Hogs

Haunted Hogs

In recent days, the world not only witnessed the birth of iPad mini but also the release of the Halloween edition of Angry Birds Seasons named Haunted Hogs. However, as iPad Mini has stolen all the thunders of Haunted Hogs, the game had gained far less attention than it should have. As a game exclusively designed to celebrate Halloween 2012, Haunted Hogs had been attached with various Halloween elements.

As the latest version of Angry Birds game, Haunted Hogs require users to whip those hidden hogs with the birds in a haunted house. To match up with Halloween spirit, not only is spooky music and haunted background added but also new tools like ghost block. Moreover, some hogs are also designed as Vampire-pigs, Fraken-pigs or scarecrow-pigs. Of course, there are PC version and mobile version for Haunted Hogs.

2. Neighbours From Hell

Neighbours From Hell

As prank has played an important role in Halloween celebration, Neighbours From Hell turns out to be a recommended PC game for 2012 Halloween. To play this prank-oriented PC game, players need to control a character named Woody to manage various pranks in a house. The tools used to make pranks are scattered in every corner of the house so players need to gather them without being noticed by his neighbor who will do same things repeatedly. After that, players need to figure out the use of each tool. When all pranks have been done, scores will be given according to the time the pranks have taken and the anger rate the neighbor has gained. Though it is not that hard to manage all pranks, it is quite difficult to get five-star performance.

3. Super Mario 64 Halloween Special

Super Mario 64

As a Mario game designed for Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 has sold over eleven million copies. In fact, Super Mario 64 is a game attached with various festival elements ranging from Halloween to Christmas. In the Halloween Special of Super Mario 64, Mario needs to collect all the stars in a haunted house. When Mario has first beaten Bowser, he can find a lot of ghosts in the backyard. After beating a special ghost, he will enter into a ghost world. In the ghost world, there are not only creepy background music, vampire-like book and scaring piano, but also king of ghost. Therefore, players need to control Mario to finish various missions in the maze-style haunted house. To many people, spending Halloween 2012 with a Mario PC game will be a wonderful thing.

4. Biohazard 6

Biohazard 6

Besides those recommended funny PC gamed for Halloween 2012, players can also try some really scaring and horrible PC games like Biohazard 6. As the latest version of Biohazard series, Biohazard 6 returns with a vengeance after three-year preparation. In this popular zombie-based PC game, players are required to complete various missions designed for Leon, Chris, Ava Wong and a new character. Though still following the tradition plot of human vs zombies, Biohazard 6 aims to provide users extraordinary fears towards uncertain future. Besides that, players need to control characters to fight against old zombies coming from every corner and new zombie named J’AVO.

3 Different Versions of Super Mario Game

As one of the most famous video game consoles, Nintendo Entertainment System had impressed us with various amazing NES games. Among all the NES games, Super Mario series was probably the most influential one. So far over 262 million games of Super Mario series have been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling video game franchise.

Early in June 2012, the release of New Super Mario Bros. U had once again helped Mario Bros to draw the world’s attention. In the past few years, new features were attached to the latest Mario game to ensure that Mario Bros would not be out of date. In fact, Mario games sometimes were the leaders of the trend.

Due to the rapid development of 3D technology, 3D games are more favored by players. However, in 1990s, 3D version of Super Mario game had been released. In this post, three different versions of Super Mario games are provided to illustrate the great changes of Mario game.

1. Super Mario Bros

 In the NES version, player can either act as Mario or his brother Luigi. In the games, Mario and Luigi bear the mission to save the Princess and defeat the turtle-like villain Bowser. In this 2D game, Mario’s primary attack is jumping on the top of the enemy. Super Mario Bros consists of eight worlds, each of which owns four stages.

In each stage, Mario must get to the castle in limited times. To get an extra life, Mario needs to collect 100 coins or get a 1-up mushroom. Other useful tools are also provided to help Mario gain more powers. Red mushroom can help Mario to get bigger while flower can help him to shoot bullets. A great fun of Super Mario Bros is to find those secret pipes that can help Mario to win more coins.

2. Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64

 In 1996, Nintendo released a racing game for Nintendo 64 named Mario Kart 64. Not only were 3D effects added to Mario Kart 64 but also new players like Donkey Kong and Wario. In Mario Kart 64 those players is divided into three groups including light weight, middle weight and heavy weight. The lighter a player is, the faster speed and lower stability one gets.

In the course, item boxes are provided to help player to either accelerate the car or ruin a competitor’s car. For example, the banana peel will make an enemy’s car out of control while lighting will make an enemy smaller and slower. Mario Kart 64 can also support online mode that enables players to compete with each other.   

3. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64

Also as a game for Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 is designed as a 3D platform game. Dynamic camera system in Super Mario 64 enables player to change the angle of view. By combining a few buttons together, Mario will perform a series of actions like crawling, making a backward somersault or executing a triple jump. Also some secret transfer points are provided in the game.

In this 3D game, Maria not only attacks the enemy with his jump but also with his kick. Magic hats are provided to help Mario fly, become invisible or turn to be undefeatable. In Super Mario 64, Mario must collect as many as stars to get access to the next stage. In order to gain all the stars, Mario needs to jump into the paintings in the room and complete seven missions in each world.

Those are three different versions of Mario game. For those who want to play games without Nintendo devices, they can play them with their computers. Download relative stimulators for Super Mario 64 or Mario Kart 64 or download corresponding Flash version of Super Mario Bros.