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2 Free Methods to Convert Flash to Animated GIF

“How can I get a free method to convert Flash to Animated GIF?” Questions like this can be easily found on Yahoo Answers. Though there are various ways to convert Flash to Animated GIF directly, most of them charge. For users who just want to make the conversion from SWF to Animated GIF happens for one time or two, it is really unnecessary to pay a price for corresponding apps.

Why will someone tend to get Animated GIF out of Flash file? Featured in small storage and excellent animated effects, Flash file is a desired entertainment choice. There are several advantages to convert SWF to Animated GIF. For one thing, through the conversion, one can not only gain the animated effects of the original Flash, but also get a file also featured in small storage. For another, it is a better way to solve the incompatibility of Flash to various applications. After all, it is easier to get an image scanner than a SWF player.

Therefore, this post will present you two free methods to convert Flash to Animated GIF. Comparing with those charged applications, those methods may be either time-consuming or operation-complicating. However, they are also the best choice for users who tend to convert Flash to Animated GIF for one time or two.

Method I: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

As a powerful video editor released by Adobe, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is a combination of video editor and video converter. Moreover, with the help of an alpha channel, Flash can be imported by Premiere CS4. Though the audio and interactive content of the Flash won’t be retained, it does no harm once you just want to convert SWF file to Animated GIF image.

Step 1: Download and launch Adobe Premiere CS4. Open it, and then choose “Import…” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the Flash file.

Import Flash SWF Files into Premiere Pro CS4

Step 2: Click “Export” option in the drop-down menu of “File” and select “Media…” option to enter a new panel. Then set the output file as Animated GIF in the drop-down menu of “Format“.

Choose Animated GIF

Step 3: After all those steps, click “Start Queue” option to start the conversion from SWF to Animated GIF.

Start Queue

Though Adobe Premiere CS4 also charges, it is provided for free in 30 days for new users. However, the conversion process is quite time-consuming. For a 2.3M Flash file, it takes over five minutes to manage the conversion process.

Method II: Ulead GIF Animator 5

As a professional tool designed to make Animated GIF, Ulead GIF Animator 5 not only enables you to make photos to GIF image but also video to GIF image. However since it merely support AVI video, a free way to convert SWF to AVI is required.

Step 1: Mange the conversion from SWF to AVI

1. Download and launch SWF Editor, open it and then click “Import…” in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the Flash file.

Import Flash into SWF Editor

2. Click “Export” option in the drop-down menu of “File” and then choose “Export Movie…” to export the SWF file as AVI video.

Flash to AVI

Step 2: Convert AVI to Animated GIF

1. Download and launch UIead GIF Animator 5, open it and then click “Add Video” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the AVI file.


2. After the importing, click “Save As” option in the drop-down menu of “File“. Then set the output file as Animated GIF.


3. After all those steps, the conversion from SWF to Animated GIF has completed.

Both SWF Editor and Ulead GIF Animator 5 can be used as free software for a period of time for new users. Since the AVI file you get from SWF Editor is extremely large in storage, it really takes time to manage the conversion from AVI to Animated GIF. Therefore this method is not time-costing but also operation-complicating.

Those are the two free methods to help you convert Flash to Animated GIF. Though they both are not flawless, they are best choices for users who want to do the conversion for a few times. For those who want a professional tool to manage the conversion, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

Moyea SWF Converter – The Power to Handle Over-size SWF Files

Once upon a time, I read an article introducing the tips and guides of how to reduce and compress flash SWF files, in order to:

1. Make your flash animation and movies load faster;
2. Use less bandwidth;
3. Save your visitor ‘ s time;
4. Reduce your site ‘ s traffic…

Well, it was impressive for me at that time because generally everybody thinks SWF files are huge! It makes sense. Until a question occurs to my mind someday: isn ‘t there any software that can handle over-size SWF files so that we don ‘t have to compress them, and the most important, without any quality loss and harm to the artwork?

The answer is definitely Yes! As for those initial huge SWF files with extra-big width and height, accordingly, the output video is huge too. In this case, we need some software that is able to generate such over-size output video and with extremely good quality.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is therefore recommended to perfectly convert over-size SWF files to various video, audio, picture and animated picture formats.

Let ‘s take a close look how it works.

Step 1: Launch the program, select the way you like to input the SWF files.


Note: We deliberately choose a much bigger SWF file as a sample here, it is 1440×900(WxH) and has 1008 frames in total. However, there is no limit of the file size, you can input the SWFs as the biggest as it could be.

Step 2: Click “Export” tab to choose the target output format.

a. SWF to Video Generation – you can convert SWF files to many popular video and audio formats from the drop-down style menu.


b. SWF to Video with Alpha Generation – convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel for professional video editing purpose.


c. SWF to Image Generation – convert SWF to picture in a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, animated GIF and so on.


Step 3: Click “Convert” tab to start the conversion.


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Moyea SWF to Video Converter Series provides various solutions for different target users to convert flash SWF to video/audio/image in a variety of formats. It can easily convert SWF to AVI for amateurs, it can precisely convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel for professionals, it can losslessly convert SWF to MP3 for music fans, it can dynamically convert SWF to animated GIF for flash-holics and many other more.

Besides, Moyea SWF to Video Converter Series also comes with the advanced flash SWF editing features and output profile settings. The former enables users to edit the source SWF files like cropping video to a proper size, trimming video for a specific duration, adjusting video brightness and contrast for better output quality, and adding text or image watermark for copyright protection; while the latter makes it possible to further edit the parameters like video(audio) codec, frame rate, bit rate, etc of the output format profile.

Last but not the least, a free flash downloader will be provided with every single Moyea SWF to Video Converter as a bonus, which can easily detect and grab any online flash SWF files prior to the various SWF to video conversions.

For more information about this mega “$20 Off” promotion, please visit the following links:

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Download Flash SWF and Convert to AVI, MOV, Animated GIF

A few days ago when I was looking through Yahoo Answer, accidently I saw some questions about the conversion between flash SWF and other video/picture formats. The frequently-asked questions are: how to convert SWF to AVI? How to convert SWF to MOV? And how to convert SWF to animated GIF?

Of course there are some very nice answers there, however, when I see somebody saying “It’s just impossible to convert SWF to animated GIF because SWF is flash, while GIF is picture format, so it’s not possible…(Sorry, I forgot how exactly the answer said)”, it was a big shock for me! What I want to say is: it is possible to convert SWF to animated GIF, and it is very easy as long as you find the right program!

Also, they are a lot of questions are asked about WHERE and HOW can I download flashes, well, my answer is ANYWHERE you want and it is very easy too, but here you go again, you have to find the right program!

Next, I’ll extract some pictures to illustrate how I solve the above questions:

Question 1: Where and how can I download flash SWFs?

Usually, you should focus on some online game websites cause most of the little games there are made in SWF format. Also, most advertisements and banners on the websites are made in SWF format too. If you are still not sure where to find them, just type the URL of the website that you think there may be flashes, and the program will automatically detect and download(if any).

Look at Figure 1, i just randomly type and actually I’m not sure whether it has flash there or not, click “Go” to perform search, if there is, the SWF URL will be listed, if there is not, just change another URL to try.

download flash swf

Figure 1

Question 2: How to convert SWF to AVI?

I have to say this is one of the basic SWF to video conversions and is extremely useful for those who want to play SWF files on PC players and with excellent picture and sound quality. Please see Figure 2.

convert swf to avi

Figure 2

PS: if you are a professional video editor, you can choose “Video with alpha” option to convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel.

Question 3: How to convert SWF to MOV?

Apple! Apple! Apple! SWF to MOV conversion is made for mac users to play SWF file in Apple QuickTime Player. Please see Figure 3 for details.

convert swf to mov

Figure 3

Question 4: How to convert SWF to animated GIF?

This is a challenge because somebody already said it is just impossible, I want to say: just impossible for some programs! Here comes the solution(see Figure 4).

convert swf to animated gif

Figure 4

Not only that, you can customize the frame rate, image size and compression quality during the SWF to animated GIF conversion. Test the finished GIF and the excellent quality will definitely WOW you!

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg, keep exploring and you will find more! Enjoy the Flash World!