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Methods to Edit Flash SWF File with 3 Different Video Editors

As an Adobe Flash file format, SWF is widely applied to multimedia, vector graphics and action script. Widely used in online video websites like YouTube or online Flash gaming center, Flash SWF plays an important role in people’s daily entertainment. Though the dominance of Flash SWF is threatened by new technologies like HTML 5, Flash SWF will still be people’s only choice in those fields in the next three years.

Generally speaking, Adobe Flash Player is required for viewing Flash file while Macromedia Flash 8 is a necessity to edit the SWF file. However, to edit Flash SWF file with Macromedia Flash 8, one needs to convert the SWF file to FLA file in the first place. When the edition completes, one needs to export the FLA file as Flash SWF file again. To be honest, the operations are quite troublesome and complicated.

Therefore, this post will present you ways to edit Flash SWF file with 3 different video editors. Among those video editors, some can used as Flash editors directly while others need an extra conversion process.

I. SWF Editor

As a professional Flash editor, SWF Editor can support the import of Flash SWF file directly for further editing. To import the Flash file, click “Import…” option, select the Flash SWF file and then click “Open” button. Since SWF Editor is equally powerful as Macromedia Flash 8, one can edit the imported Flash SWF file freely. Moreover, new users can use SWF Editor for free in 30 days.

Import Flash to SWF Editor

II. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 is non-linear video editing software that is equally powerful as Sony Vegas Pro. As the latest version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio series, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 can support the import of Flash SWF file. After the importing process, one can edit those SWF files with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 11. Follow those steps.

1. Download and launch Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.

2. Import Flash SWF file. To import the SWF file, click “Project” and then choose “Import Media“.

Import SWF for Vegas

3. Edit the Flash SWF file. Drag the imported Flash file to the Timeline zone and then one can edit the Flash file with those functions given by Vegas Movie Studio 11.

Add to Timeline

III. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is probably the most popular video editors in the world. As a video editor small in storage and simple in operation, it is quite welcomed by Windows users. Since it can only support the import of WMV/AVI/MPEG video, one needs to convert the SWF file to AVI video for Windows Movie Maker. Follow those steps.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Open it and click “Browser…” button. Choose “From Folder” option to import the desired SWF file.

Import SWF for converter

2. Click “Export” tab and check “Video“. Then set the output file as AVI video in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

Flash SWF to AVI

3. Click “Convert” tab and then click “Play and Capture” to start capturing. When the SWF file ends, click “Finish” button to start the conversion process.

Start the conversion

4. Open Windows Movie Maker and then click “Import Video” option in the drop-down menu of “Capture Video” to import the Flash file. Then one can edit the AVI file with Windows Movie Maker freely.

Import Flah SWF to Movie Maker

Those are the methods to edit Flash SWF file with three different video editors. One can edit the Flash file with SWF Editor and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 11 directly after the importing operation. However, to edit SWF file with Windows Movie Maker, one needs to convert SWF file to AVI video first.

One of the Best SWF Decompilers Ever – The Leading Flash to HTML5 Converter

When speaking of an SWF decompiler, we do know what can it do in general:

The Capability to Handle Kinds of SWF Sources

Wide support to SWF files made by Flash 6/7(MX 2004)/8/9(CS3)/10(CS4), the latest Flash CS5, and Action Script 2.0&3.0.

The Powerful SWF Conversion

Comprehensively convert flash SWF to FLA and flash SWF to FLEX Project.

The Delicate SWF Extraction

Specifically extract components like images, fonts & text, sounds (mp3, wav), videos (flv), buttons, and even action scripts, etc from the original SWF file.

The Handy SWF Edit

Edit flash objects and shapes by customizing properties and parameters of each flash source like images, texts, links, colors, lines and more, and perform ActionScript search to select specific one to edit using diverse searching options.

However, you may not know what a best SWF decompiler can do except those mentioned above.

Serve Both Win & Mac Users

SWF Decompiler for Mac and for Win are all available for users on different OS platforms to decompile SWF files in their own way.

Brand-New Flash SWF to HTML5 Conversion

Convert flash SWF to HTML5 with the best animation effect retained and get XFL from Flash CS5 SWF.

Built-in Flash SWF Player & Catcher

A built-in flash player and free-to-have flash catcher are made to play SWF/FLV/F4V and download online flash SWF files respectively.

User-Priority Program Design

Toolbar-based, user-friendly and multilingual interface makes it the best SWF decompiler ever for catching, saving, editing and converting flash SWF to FLA and FLEX.

Combine them all, that is all a best SWF decompiler can do for you! Download it now to experience!