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Best New Year 2013 Deals – Save 80% on Moyea SWF Converters

Shenzhen, China, December 13st, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on PowerPoint converters and SWF converters, is about to carry out its promotion plan for New Year 2013. To honor the spirits of New Year, the scheduled plan will offer customers first-rated SWF Converters with up to 80% off, discounted PowerPoint converters and free resources about New Year. In fact, Moyea Software tries to make the promotion an activity gathering best New Year 2013 deals and driving all purchasing troubles.

New Year Promotion

As the first day of the year, New Year 2013 is a time to recall and look forward. As the first shopping season of the year, New Year 2013 is the gather time of inexpensive goods. In an attempt to be the provider of best New Year 2013 deals, Moyea Software will sell state-of-art PowerPoint converters and SWF Converters with at least 40% off on New Year 2013. With the help of those low-budget converters, customers can get easy solutions to view Flash on Google Nexus 4, Lumia 920 and Asus Padfone 2.

How long will the promotion plan for New Year 2013 last?

The New Year 2013 promotion from Moyea is a 4-day activity starting from January 1st, 2013. Therefore, the promised benefits are only available before January 4th, 2013.

What can customers get from the promotion plan for New Year 2013?

Most SWF Converters and PowerPoint Converters are available with price tags low enough to make them best New Year 2013 deals. Of course, as the converters differ, the discounters provided vary.

80% Off: During the promotion time, only Moyea SWF to iPad Converter will be provided with 80% off on January 1st, 2013. This is only a one-day offer. Since then, the price of SWF to iPad Converter will increase by 10 dollars per day until it stops at 39.99 dollars on January 4th, 2013. As a professional Flash to iPad tool, SWF to iPad Converter can add Adobe Flash compatibility to iPad tablets at ease. Therefore, the converter is a necessity to help users take full advantages of iPad tablets.

40% Off: During the 4-day promotion for New Year 2013, Moyea Software will sell nine video converters with 60% discount. The discounted converters includes four PPT converters (PPT to DVD Burner Pro, PPT to DVD Burn Lite, PPT4Web Converter, PPT to Video Converter),  four SWF converters (SWF to Video Converter Pro, SWF to Video Converter Std, SWF4Tube Converter, SWF to MPEG Converter) and a DVD to Flash video converter named DVD4Web Converter.

Free Resource: Besides those best New Year 2013 deals, the promotion plan also offers free entertaining resource that are New Year-oriented. With Free New Year PowerPoint Templates, customers can make excellent PPT for New Year 2013. With New Year Tips, customers will find new ideas about the celebrations of New Year 2013.

Note: All those promised benefits are only provided on the homepage of the promotion plan. Only buttons on the homepage can direct users to the purchase pages with promised discounts.

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Old Question: Can iPad Play Flash? New Answer: Probably!

The Wall Street Journal microblog news: According to Dr. Walt Mossberg’s answer to readers’ letters, the columnist of The Wall Street Journal “personal digital life” section, Apple MacBook and iMac can actually run Adobe Flash Player, can also browse Flash video and Flash websites like the Windows computer does. Although Flash software is no longer pre-installed, users can download and install by themselves.

Q: I will go back to school in this fall, and I have contacted the school to know which laptop or tablet computer should I use. They said the Adobe Flash Player is needed to demonstrate the courses. I like Apple, but I know the latest Apple MacBooks and iPad are without Flash support. Is that true? If so, what should I buy?

A: There are many misunderstandings, the truth is that: MacBook and iMac can actually run Adobe Flash Player, can also browse Flash video and Flash websites like the Windows computer does. Although Flash software is no longer pre-installed, users can download and install by themselves for free. The download URL is After installation, you can browse any Flash video and website on your Mac normally.

In contrast, the built-in browser in iPad does not support Flash Player, so you can’t run Flash video or website. However, there are some third-party browsers exclusively for iPad can run Flash, such as Skyfire and Puffin. Although the support is just a little bit crappy sometimes. Puffin is already available for purchase in iPad App Store. If you are looking for a tablet PC with natural Flash support, you can consider of buying a new Android model or HP Touchpad, even though, some Flash video and website still can not be displayed properly on the current generation of tablet PCs with default Flash support.

Q: how to sync the calendar and contacts between PC and iPad? Please give some advice.

A: There are two ways to do that. Use iTunes or use the calendar and contacts on networking service providers like Google, Apple auto-sync service MobileME or Microsoft Exchange to auto-sync the data between PC and iPad.

PS: An SWF to iPad converter is also another very easy way to make Flash SWF files playable on iOS devices like iPad and many others.

The Real Reason Why Apple iPad and Flash Can not Work Together – Touchscreen Interaction?

A news said that according to a senior Flash developer, the main reason why flash is always eliminated by Apple, from iPhone to the latest iPad, is because the current Flash websites can not function normally on touch screen devices, and this problem can not be solved easily by either Apple, Adobe or new hardware.


Flash interactive content developer Morgan Adams said the main reason Flash can not operate on touch screen devices is because Apple lacks the necessary Flash technology deployment on its own products, including the newly-published iPad. On the contrary, some earlier reports said Apple was not willing to adopt Flash technology is because it occupies too much system resources, reduces phone performance, consumes a lot of power and collapses often.

The insiders indicate that although the above problems do exist, Adams is correct. The most current Flash games, menus and video players do require a visible cursor. These Flash components need to be triggered by mouse slip or actual click, which is quite popular in interactive design, and very important for Flash content as well. It is not necessarily to develop Flash content exclusively for touch screen, but we still can! People have to ensure that the existing Flash websites are running well first.

Therefore, you can imagine how awkward the Flash developers are when their self-developed flash websites can not be running on iPhone. However, there is a solution, develop the websites using the WebKit browser kernel CSS animation function. Desktop computer users can still use Flash, and through CSS animation technology, iPhone users also can see the same animation effects.

In our daily life, there are just some simple tips that can enable you to watch Flash on iPhone, iPad, etc without struggling between Apple and Adobe! Check this handy SWF to iPad Converter to know how!

iPad Accelerates the Collapse of Traditional Magazines and Restricts Flash

July 22, 2010, according to the foreign media, when Apple’s iPad tablet PC is considered a new reading experience for consumers by the traditional publishing industry, some companies have already crossed the boundary between paper and digital media and plan to fight for the digital publishing battle.

Virgin Group, as one of the iPad-platform supporters, is planning to release the iPad-exclusive consumer magazine – Maverick in early October this year. It is only applicable to iPhone applications, not yet a Kindle, web and paper version.

Due to the excellent features like supporting HTML5 video, meta color photographs, complex interactive applications and enormous display screen, iPad definitely brings brand-new digital reading experience for mass customers. That is why this product is so popular in numerous consumers. As iPad keeps expanding its market share, the industry is also looking forward to the performance of Google Android and other upcoming tablet PCs.

Richard Branson indicates the advantage of iPad-exclusive magazine Maverick released by Virgin Group lies in the fact that there is no corresponding paper version. Because the traditional publishers they don’t want the extremely low price of electronic version to impact the higher price of paper version. That is also the reason why they can’t reduce the price of digital publications.

On the other hand, the rejection between iPad and Flash will restrict Apple’s growth unless iPad can earn more support from publishers than Android tablet PC, which relatively has bigger market shares.

You may be also interested in the conversion instead of restriction between Flash and iPad. Click here to learn how to convert flash SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone etc.