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Best New Year 2013 Deals – Save 80% on Moyea SWF Converters

Shenzhen, China, December 13st, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on PowerPoint converters and SWF converters, is about to carry out its promotion plan for New Year 2013. To honor the spirits of New Year, the scheduled plan will offer customers first-rated SWF Converters with up to 80% off, discounted PowerPoint converters and free resources about New Year. In fact, Moyea Software tries to make the promotion an activity gathering best New Year 2013 deals and driving all purchasing troubles.

New Year Promotion

As the first day of the year, New Year 2013 is a time to recall and look forward. As the first shopping season of the year, New Year 2013 is the gather time of inexpensive goods. In an attempt to be the provider of best New Year 2013 deals, Moyea Software will sell state-of-art PowerPoint converters and SWF Converters with at least 40% off on New Year 2013. With the help of those low-budget converters, customers can get easy solutions to view Flash on Google Nexus 4, Lumia 920 and Asus Padfone 2.

How long will the promotion plan for New Year 2013 last?

The New Year 2013 promotion from Moyea is a 4-day activity starting from January 1st, 2013. Therefore, the promised benefits are only available before January 4th, 2013.

What can customers get from the promotion plan for New Year 2013?

Most SWF Converters and PowerPoint Converters are available with price tags low enough to make them best New Year 2013 deals. Of course, as the converters differ, the discounters provided vary.

80% Off: During the promotion time, only Moyea SWF to iPad Converter will be provided with 80% off on January 1st, 2013. This is only a one-day offer. Since then, the price of SWF to iPad Converter will increase by 10 dollars per day until it stops at 39.99 dollars on January 4th, 2013. As a professional Flash to iPad tool, SWF to iPad Converter can add Adobe Flash compatibility to iPad tablets at ease. Therefore, the converter is a necessity to help users take full advantages of iPad tablets.

40% Off: During the 4-day promotion for New Year 2013, Moyea Software will sell nine video converters with 60% discount. The discounted converters includes four PPT converters (PPT to DVD Burner Pro, PPT to DVD Burn Lite, PPT4Web Converter, PPT to Video Converter),  four SWF converters (SWF to Video Converter Pro, SWF to Video Converter Std, SWF4Tube Converter, SWF to MPEG Converter) and a DVD to Flash video converter named DVD4Web Converter.

Free Resource: Besides those best New Year 2013 deals, the promotion plan also offers free entertaining resource that are New Year-oriented. With Free New Year PowerPoint Templates, customers can make excellent PPT for New Year 2013. With New Year Tips, customers will find new ideas about the celebrations of New Year 2013.

Note: All those promised benefits are only provided on the homepage of the promotion plan. Only buttons on the homepage can direct users to the purchase pages with promised discounts.

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Apple iPad 2 Release Date Debate and 5 Reasons to Buy or not Respectively

Mar, 02nd, 2011 may be a regular date as usual, but it won’t be any more because this date is rumored to be the release date of the magical and revolutionary Apple iPad 2!

Finger crossed this date will be the right one for Apple to debut iPad 2, and besides the release date, more people are interested in what new features that iPad 2 is going to offer this time. This makes sense! The actual function of iPad 2 sounds more tempting than the pure-numbered release date.


4 Rumored but Greater Innovations of Apple iPad 2

1. iPad 2 is thinner and lighter.
2. iPad 2 is with at least one built-in camera for video call.
3. iPad 2 is equipped with much faster CPU.
4. iPad 2 is bigger in memory capacity.

5 Possible Reasons to Buy iPad 2 Due to above Upgrades

1. The second version of iPad 2 may be better than the first iPad. Take iPhone’s debut for example, just months after it hit the market, the 4GB version was scuttled and the 8GB version’s price dropped. Therefore, the thing for sure is iPad 2 is definitely better than iPad, but much better one will come soon too.

2. iPad 2 may have the video-call function. iPad is said to be just a giant mobile touch-screen device, it can not replace the smart phone. However, iPad 2 this time may change the thing by adding the built-in camera that can do video-calls.

3. iPad 2 may be stronger. Don’t expect Apple iPad to react well to almost anything in the world. Water, soda, food, kids, pets and so on. However, iPad 2 this time may be a surprise.

4. iPad 2 is thinner. Comes along with bigger RAM memory capacity, more delicate Apple-signature design and lighter weight.

5. iPad 2 may bring new playmates. Follow-up upgrades will emerge after the debut of iPad 2. New iTunes, new applications, new iPad cases, and many other more new accessories.

5 Possible Reasons not to Buy iPad 2 Due to its Predecessor

1. iPad 2 still does not have SD card slot as well as USB. The machine expansion still remains a problem.

2. iPad 2 does not support Flash as usual. It is impossible to play Flash content or an embedded FLV file in Flash even on iPad 2. However, there is a way to convert Flash SWF to iPad or iPad 2 friendly format to guarantee an anytime and anywhere Flash enjoyment on iPad 2.

3. iPad 2 excludes bookmarks sync function.

4. iPad 2 can only operate Apple-authorized software. Safe but boring!

5. iPad 2 is not after all an individual computer. No keyboard, no mouse, no dice and totally depends on its battery life.

To know more info about the upcoming Apple iPad 2, please visit the following source links:

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iPad Accelerates the Collapse of Traditional Magazines and Restricts Flash

July 22, 2010, according to the foreign media, when Apple’s iPad tablet PC is considered a new reading experience for consumers by the traditional publishing industry, some companies have already crossed the boundary between paper and digital media and plan to fight for the digital publishing battle.

Virgin Group, as one of the iPad-platform supporters, is planning to release the iPad-exclusive consumer magazine – Maverick in early October this year. It is only applicable to iPhone applications, not yet a Kindle, web and paper version.

Due to the excellent features like supporting HTML5 video, meta color photographs, complex interactive applications and enormous display screen, iPad definitely brings brand-new digital reading experience for mass customers. That is why this product is so popular in numerous consumers. As iPad keeps expanding its market share, the industry is also looking forward to the performance of Google Android and other upcoming tablet PCs.

Richard Branson indicates the advantage of iPad-exclusive magazine Maverick released by Virgin Group lies in the fact that there is no corresponding paper version. Because the traditional publishers they don’t want the extremely low price of electronic version to impact the higher price of paper version. That is also the reason why they can’t reduce the price of digital publications.

On the other hand, the rejection between iPad and Flash will restrict Apple’s growth unless iPad can earn more support from publishers than Android tablet PC, which relatively has bigger market shares.

You may be also interested in the conversion instead of restriction between Flash and iPad. Click here to learn how to convert flash SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone etc.

Moyea SWF to iPad Converter released to bridge iPad Flash gap

Moyea Software debuted new SWF to iPad Converter to let iPad users play Flash SWF on Apple iPad without limitations.

Shenzhen, China – Moyea Software, the professional Adobe Flash converter developer, today announced Moyea SWF to iPad Converter as a new member to its Flash SWF converter family, extending its unparalleled Flash solution to iPad users since Apple denies Flash playback on iPad.

This new SWF to iPad Converter makes a perfect support for any version of SWF files so far, as well as any types of SWF like embedded SWF and interactive SWF, to offer a very flexible means for allowing Flash SWF to playback on iPad.

What’s new in Moyea SWF to iPad Converter
1. Convert any version of Flash SWF files for iPad playback the program has integrated the latest Flash player plug-in to support up to version 10. No additional plug-in is required in advance.
2. Support any types of Flash SWF files – this SWF to iPad converter offers extensive support for various types of SWF like Flash animation, interactive Flash, Flash video, embedded Flash, Flash games and applications, etc.
3. State-of-the-art low-speed playback technology to prevent frame drop – this self-developed feature can slow down the live frame rate of Flash playback depending on the system performance, therefore each frame of the SWF media will be flawlessly rendered despite its complexity.
4. Unique manual conversion mode to handle professional coded SWF – this highlighted feature is recommended for handling interactive or one-frame SWF upon conversion. It will turn the entire interaction into iPad-compliant video as excellent material for presentations and demonstrations.
5. Convert multiple Flash SWF in a batch – batch conversion is a popular feature in this SWF to iPad converter for converting a mass of SWF files to save time and effort.
6. Smart Flash property probe – this program equips a powerful probe to detect Flash properties including version, width, height, frame rate, total frames, background color, etc. for professional references.
7. All-in-one Flash SWF import interface – the program makes SWF media import convenient by providing extensive import interfaces: file folder, flash downloader, IE cache, URL and Flash projector.
8. Built-in Flash player and screen capture – the embedded latest Flash Player plug-in allows user to play Flash SWF meanwhile capture screenshot easily with one button click.
9. Rip audio from Flash SWF independently – the SWF to iPad converter facilitates the needs to extract Flash SWF’s embedded audio without degrading the audio quality.

"Though Apple has decided not to land Flash on iPad, we decide to help iPad users enjoy Flash SWF on iPad anyway. Therefore, we released Moyea SWF to iPad Converter to not only make it possible, but also get Flash SWF to play on iPad without even a single frame loss." Said Sophia, the senior manager of Moyea Software.

Pricing and availability:
Moyea SWF to iPad Converter is $49.95 per license now available on Moyea’s website. The website offers a free evaluation copy of the program for download and a quick-and-safe portal for instant purchase. Free update and customer service are available. For more information, please visit Moyea’s homepage or contact Moyea.

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