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Direct Flash Upload to for Easy Sharing

Upload and share your Flash animations! Sounds easy but actually difficult to do. Either you can not find the real websites that can accept the direct flash upload or you can not find the right tool to convert the flash you have to the specific format that the websites support.

However, seems we have found the best solution today for you to upload flash directly or convert flash conveniently.

The appearance of shareswf has no big difference with other flash-sharing websites: clean layout and easy navigation, lots of flash creations listed in various categories like Automotive, Designing, Entertainment and so on.

And all you need to do is login to your existing account and select a flash file from your computer to upload. Give your flash a title and tags, choose a category that can present the main content, and also upload a picture as thumbnail, then you are set to go!

After a while, you will receive a confirmation email said your flash has been successfully uploaded and a URL will be given to visit your uploaded flash online. In the Public Flash section you can view all your uploads.

Alternatively, as a backup plan, you can always choose to convert the flash file to regular and popular video formats for easy upload, using a handy Flash SWF to Video Converter.

Just set the output profile plus one click will take you there. The converted flash retains the best animation effect and can be easily uploaded to the major video or flash sharing websites.

Now, not only you can upload your flash artwork to internet with ease, but also you do have options to choose the best way you like. Happy uploading and sharing!