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Top 26 Successful Elements of The Dark Knight Rises Listed from A to Z

After The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, another superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rises had gained great success in the summer movie market this year. With the performance of over 160 million dollars in box office, The Dark Knight Rises has become a promising winner as the most profitable 2012 movie.  

However, without certain elements of The Dark Knight Rises, this movie couldn’t have been so successful. What are those elements of The Dark Knight Rises? Excellent plot, wonderful background and suitable atmosphere are all parts of the successful elements of The Dark Knight Rises. However, besides them there are plenty other successful elements as well. This post will list those successful elements of The Dark Knight Rises from A to Z.

A stands for Actors: Without the excellent performance of those actors, The Dark Knight Rises won’t be so successful.

B stands for Bane: As the most powerful Batman villain, Bane has disabled Batman in the comics. Therefore, as a major evil boss in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane successfully stirs people’s interest towards the battle between Batman and Bane.

C stands for Colorado Shooting: Occurred on the initial release data of The Dark Knight Rises, the tragedy made the movie well known in an embarrassing way.

D stands for Death: Rumors came out that Batman would die in this movie which turned out to be a hot topic before the release of the movie.

E stands for Enemy: Catwoman and Bane are two toughest Batman enemies in the comics. Now they are both available in The Dark Knight Rises.

F stands for Flash game: Flash game of The Dark Knight Rises is available before its release. In this The Dark Knight Rises Flash game, play needs to find out the different points between two images. For those who want to play them, they can download the Flash on the Internet.

G stands for Gotham: Gotham City is the place where Batman tries to protect and where all the stories begin.

H stands for Heath Ledger: Without the excellent performance of Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight wouldn’t have been so successfully. Without the success of The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises wouldn’t have attracted so much attention.

I stands for IMAX-3D: With IMAX-3D, the ticket price for the movies is higher which contributes to the high box office income.

J stands for Joker: As the most well-know Batman villain, Joker helped The Dark Knight Rises to gain tremendous success.

K stands for Knight: The Batman is also called for Dark Knight. Therefore, this Knight is a crucial element of The Dark Knight Rises.

L stands for length: The runtime of the movie amounts to 164 minutes. However, you will not want to miss even one minute in the movie.

M stands for Movie trail: The movie trail of The Dark Knight Rises on YouTube helps to publicize those movies. For those who want to view those files, they can download the YouTube video.  

N stands for Nolan: Nolan has marked the Batman movies with his own styles. Under his guidance, Batman movie is turning better and better.

O stands for Opening weekend: The Dark Knight Rises ranked sixth as the movie with best box office performance in the opening weekend.

P stands for Plot: The good plot is a key The Dark Knight Rises element which contributed to the success of the movie.

Q stands for Quotes: Since every successful movie will impressive you with quotes in the movie, this movie will do the same thing.

R stands for Riddler: Before the release of the movie, rumors came out that DiCaprio might act as Riddler in the movie.

S stands for Shooting: The Dark Knight Shooting is also known as Colorado Shooting.

T stands for Tom Hardy: With his performance, the image of Bane is quite impressive.

U stands for Utility belt: Just like the case of Jame Bond, the utility belt Batman will provide you new surprises.  

V stands for villains: In this movie, two powerful Batman villains will be present.

W stands for Wayne: The Batman is also known as Bruce Wayne, a rich and just businessman.

X stands for Xbox: The Dark Knight Rises game was already available on Xbox 360.   

Y stands for YouTube: YouTube is the main channel for people to know about this movie before its release.

Z stands for Zimmer: Han Zimmer is the composer of the theme song of the movie which happens to be an important successful element of The Dark Knight Rises.