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Experience UEFA Euro 2012 with UEFA Euro Songs and Euro 2012 Games

As a sport event available every four years, European Cup can always bring surprises and passion to the world. Though less influential than World Cup, UEFA Euro never fails to provide all football fans a real visual feast. At present, the competition of Euro 2012 is turning white hot with only Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy available for further competition.

UEFA Euro 2012 has proved that nothing is impossible in the football field with a few records. Portland becomes the host of European Cup with the worst performance. Russia becomes the most unexpected loser in group match and Czech is the first group winner with negative goal difference in history. Just like World Cup, UEFA Euro also brings fans excitement and happiness.

The final match of UEFA Euro 2012 will be given on July 1, 2012. After that, all fans have to wait for another four year before the next UEFA Euro is available. Though only three matches of Euro 2012 are available, it won’t bother us to enjoy the great event. In order to help you better experience UEFA Euro 2012, this post will present UEFA Euro songs and Euro 2012 games.

I. UEFA Euro songs

1. UEFA Euro 1996: Three Lions

Euro 1996

Three Lions was the theme song for UEFA Euro 1996 given by The Lightning Seeds. As the host as well as the inventor of football, England used this song to welcome football coming home. This song not only became the most popular song that year, but was used to encourage England team in World Cup 2010.

2. UEFA Euro 2000: Campione 2000

Euro 2000

As a rock-style song, Campione 2000 brought passion and excitement to Euro 2000. Consequently, some matches of Euro 2000 were viewed as classics. In a match, Italian goalkeeper prevented five penalties from Netherlands and in another match, French won back with a goal in the last minute.   

3. UEFA Euro 2004: Força

Euro 2004

Just like no one would expect Greek to be the winner of Euro 2004, people never realized the theme song Força could steal the thunder in European Cup. In 2004, two Portuguese left a great impression on us, Cristiano Ronaldo with his football skill and Nelly Furtado with her voice.

4. UEFA Euro 2008: Can You Hear Me

Euro 2008

In Euro 2008, the winner Spain surprised the world with its smooth passes, excellent skills and balanced system. However, we were not surprised at the success of Spain just as we held no doubts that Enrique Iglesia could bring us a wonderful song. How about Can You Hear Me? It’s impressive.

5. UEFA Euro 2012: Endless Summer

Euro 2012

As the theme song for UEFA Euro 2012, Endless Summer could bring you happiness and strength. As for the singer Oceana, you will find she is an amazing singer once you have bought her music album Love Supply.

II. Euro 2012 games

1. EA UEFA Euro 2012

EA UEFA Euro 2012

EA UEFA Euro 2012 is expansion pack for EA FIFA 12, a sport game of EA Sports. Over 50 European national teams and eight official stadiums for Euro 2012 are provided in the game. While you are waiting for the match of Euro 2012, you can stimulate the competition on your computer with EA UEFA Euro 2012. Also it enables you to get your team members at random and begin the journey to conquer European Cup.  

2. Euro Shoot-out 2012

This is a Flash game for you to engage in Euro 2012 as well as have a relax time. In the game, you need to act as the striker to shoot the penalty and as the goalkeeper to prevent the penalty. You can choose the team you want and then lead it to success. If you are interested in it, you can download the Flash.

3. Euro 2012

It is also a Flash game that you are allowed to control one team to beat another. You can select the original group in the game or you can ask for a new group. If you want it, just download the Flash.