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4 Different Versions of Wreck-It Ralph Games

As the latest animation movie released by Disney, Wreck-It Ralph surprises the world with its stunning imagination and amazing characters. In this movie that audience can find the silhouettes of famous game stars like Sony, Bowser and Zangief. In fact, over one hundred and fifty game characters will show up in this movie. As a consequence, Wreck-It Ralph has turned out to be the Disney animation movie with the best box office in opening weekend. Moreover, Wreck-It Ralph is not only promising to take over the place of The Lorax as the most profitable animation movie of the year, but also become a big winner in 2013 Oscar.

In Wreck-It Ralph, a villain named Ralph has fed up with his role and wants to be as favored as a hero. Therefore, he decides to escape to other game worlds to do something heroic. After he accidentally releases an evil boss, he seems to get his only chance to prove his greatness. In fact, to make the movie as influential as possible, Disney has released several Wreck-It Ralph games. Moreover, after the movie has turned out to be a real market hit, more and more Wreck-It Ralph games are about to be released. Therefore, this post will introduce you four different versions of Wreck-It Ralph games. Maybe they are not as influential as famous versions of Mario games, they are also worth playing.

1. Wreck-it Ralph game in 1982

Wreck-it Ralph game in 1982

As the earliest Wreck-It Ralph game, Fix-It Felix Jr was released in 1982. Designed as an arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr turned out to be a great success at that time. It was even influential enough to make Ralph become the main character in other games like Wreck-It Ralph Nation and Ralph’s Buddy at that time. In this game, players are required to control Felix to fix those windows broken by Ralph with his magic hammer. Of course, the villain Ralph will not only quicken his speed to break the house, but also try to kick Flick out of the game with his fist or falling bricks. Once players can fulfill the mission, a medal will be sent and Ralph will be beaten.

2. Wreck-it Ralph game for iPhone

Wreck-it Ralph game for iPhone

Released earlier than the animation movie by Disney, this iPhone game is a part of the company’s campaigning plan. There are three separate games in this iPhone app including Fix-It Felix Jr, Sweet Climber and Hero’s Duty. In Fix-It Felix Jr, players need to control Felix to fix the house with hammers; In Sweet Climber, players need to do stage-to-stage jumping as Ralph and in Hero’s Duty, players get the mission to shoot alien monsters with weapons. To be honest, those three games are different in both plots and operations. The only reason they can be related is that they stand for the three different game worlds Ralph has travelled to in the movie. Moreover, it isn’t that to enjoy three games in just one app.

3. Wreck-it Ralph game for Nintendo 3DS

Wreck-it Ralph game for 3DS

If the iPhone game is designed to publicize Wreck-It Ralph, the Nintendo 3DS game is created to extend the influence of the movie. The decision to release this Wreck-It Ralph game was been made after the success of the movie. Therefore, the Nintendo 3DS game mainly deals with the stories starting from where the film ends. As a new enemy Cy-bugs has threatened the security of the game field, Ralph teams with Felix to begin their journey to rescue the world once more. In the game, players can make a switch between Ralph and Felix so that they either ruin the obstacles with Ralph’s power or fix broken objects with Felix’s magic hammer. Moreover, players can choose the background from one of the four virtual game worlds shown in the movie to have more fun with the game.

4. Wreck-it Ralph game for Flash

Wreck-it Ralph game for Flash

Featuring in small storage space, fast loading speed and funny content, Flash games are always favored by gamers. For players who get neither iPhone nor Nintendo 3DS, they can refer to the Flash version of Wreck-It Ralph. As a flash-base Wreck-It Ralph game, Fix-It Felix Jr was released by Disney in recent days. It is almost the same as the 1982 game in both game settings and operations. Players need to control Felix to fix all the windows without being hurt by Ralph. Besides that, they need to gather as many pies as possible. The Flash game is now available on the official website of Disney. Of course, players can also try to download this Flash game via tools like Free Flash Downloader.