The Fight and Criticize between Flash and Apple Never Stops

The fight and criticize between Adobe Flash and Apple is just like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger!

First, let us take a look at what Apple says about Flash: full of bug, causes system crash, and a lazy company!

And what Apple does to Flash: obviously, Apple refuses Flash to be installed in any of its gadgets, iPod does not have it, iPhone does not have it, the latest iPad does not either.

Here is how Flash defends for itself: Adobe is definitely willing to, and has the power to make Flash applicable to iPhone, iPad and any other Apple product. However, the initiative is in Apple’s hand. Once Apple says Yes, Flash is guaranteed to be browsed smoothly on those devices. Unfortunately, Apple does not seem to do so.

Flash and other partners: the mobile-exclusive Flash 10.2 designed for smartphones is already available, it is supported by almost all other smart mobile phones brands like BlackBerry, Nokia, Google Android and Palm Pre. If they can support Flash, why Apple just can’t?

The real enemy of Flash: The real threat comes from HTML5, especially from the point of video display. Flash now is playing 75% of the videos on the Internet, and once HTML5 comes out, this figure will definitely be shrinking. The worse, HTML5 is promoted by many enterprises including Google. Adobe said they also support the development of HTML5, but it will cause a huge negative influence on the Internet due to the its incompatibility with different browsers.

HTML5 is currently under the development, and the compatible problems will be solved step by step. At present, Flash is no doubt the better video broadcast technology, but HTML5 grows faster as well. HTML itself is a web standard and has many other advantages, which may help win the competition for the long-term perspective.

The efforts Adobe Flash made to keep itself strong: Adobe is trying to please the software developers by promoting its Creative Suite, which can produce all kinds of Flash applications. As long as Flash is still considered the actual standard in video and animation broadcast field, the sales can be guaranteed. However, if Flash application developers turn to make applications for the web site and portable devices like iPhone and iPad using other technology, the competitiveness of Adobe will definitely be threatened. There is no doubt that the company will do its best to protect Flash from collapsing.

The alternative way to make Flash playable on Apple: since the fight between Flash and Apple is still going on, we need a third-party tool that can convert the Flash SWF files to Apple-friendly format MP4. It could be an SWF to iPhone Converter, or an SWF to iPad Converter, or an SWF to iPod Converter, etc.

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