Up to $20 Saving on Massive Christmas Sale of Moyea SWF Converter Series

Moyea Software has recently launched the blockbuster Christmas sale which covers 9 featured products of Moyea SWF Converter series and saves maximum $20 for customers to celebrate 2010 Christmas.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Dec, 22nd, 2009 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.moyeamedia.com): a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the massive 2010 Christmas sale up to $20 off for its SWF converter series including Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std, Moyea SWF4Tube Converter, Moyea SWF to MPEG Converter, Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter, Moyea SWF to iPod Converter, Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter, Moyea SWF to Apple TV Converter, Moyea SWF to Zune Converter and Moyea SWF to PSP Converter.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std is an all-in-one flash SWF converter that can perfectly convert SWF to all kinds of video/audio/picture format for playback on various portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP etc. While other mentioned SWF converters are focused one-type flash SWF converters that shall convert SWF to one of the specific video formats for playback on the relevant devices like cell phone, Apple TV, Zune player and so on.

What’s the Big Deal of This Moyea SWF Converter’s Christmas Sale?

Surprisingly $20 off for Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std and $10 off for all others.


All the above-mentioned Moyea SWF Converters can be found on http://new.swfkits.com/promotion.html and enjoy the adorable Christmas discount rates immediately.

Company Website: http://www.moyeamedia.com
Product Webpage: http://new.swfkits.com/promotion.html

Contact Person:
Moyea Software Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Email: contact@moyeamedia.com

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