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Command Line Grammar

This Command Line Grammar of SWF to Video SDK offers you the main lead of successful conversion from SWF to Video files you would like to. You can choose the available options you prefer for the encoding and follow the instruction.

swf2videocmd source_swf [options] …

source_swf is the file path of source SWF.

Possible parameters for "options":
Input options
-st   start_frame
The frame to start capturing the video. By default, the start frame is 0.
-dt   duration_in_frame
The duration, in frames. By default, it lasts to the end of the video.

Output options
-out   output_file
The output file path. If the output file is not set, the program won't implement the encoding.

Video encode options
-f   format
The output file format, like avi, asf, mov, mp4, psp, 3gp and so on. For more information about file format, please refer to File Format List.
-size   WxH
The output video size; w is width, h is height; W & H should be even value. By default, the width and the height of the source file are used.
-vbr   bitrate
The bit rate in video compression; in bps.
-fr frame_rate
The output video frame rate; in fps; decimal fraction is possible, e.g. 29.970. By default, the frame rate of the source file is used.
-vcodec   codec
The video compression codec, e.g. mpeg4. For more information about the possible value, please refer to Video Codec List.
-vtag   tag
The FOURCC of the video, e.g. mp43. By default, the pre-set settings of the encoder are used.
-gop   key_frame_interval
The interval between the key frames; 0 is for intraframe. By default, the value is 12.
-aspect   H/V
The aspect ratio of the video, h is horizontal value and v is vertical value, e.g. 4/3.
Stretch the video when the h/v rate of the output video image is different from that of the source SWF image. Otherwise, letterbox is shown to process the cropped image.
Process alpha effect

Audio encode options
-acodec   codec
The audio compression codec, e.g. mp3. For more information about the possible value, please refer to Audio Codec List.
-asr   sample_rate
The output audio sample rate, in Hz.
-ac channels
The output audio channels; 1 for mono, 2 for stereo.
-abr   bitrate
The audio bit rate; in bps, e.g. 96000.

Advanced options
-c   close_stream_type
Close the specified output stream.
Close standard output stream.
Close standard error stream.
Close standard output stream and standard error stream.
Do not close the output stream.
By default, standard output stream and standard error stream are printed to the screen

No video included.
No audio included
-p   number
Set the priority of this process.
0 normal
1 below normal
2 low

Help options
Show the version info
Show help info
Show help info

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