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A graphical program for customizing flash video player for website
Price: $99.95

Summary for the methods of the flash video player objectTutorial

Methods Description
Play() play the video
Pause() stop at the current frame
Stop() stop playing
Seek(t) Seek to the specific time of the video; t is double type
SetMute(b) Set the mute function; b is Boolean type
GetMute() Get the current mute settings; return value is Boolean type
SetVolume(v) Set the volume; v is integer type, ranges from 0 to 100, 0 is soundless, 100 is to the loudest
GetVolume() Get the volume settings; return value is integer
GetState() Get the current playing state; return state character string is "play", "pause" and "stop"
GetTime() Get the current playing process; return value is double type in seconds
GetDuration() Get video duration; return value is double type in seconds
SetDebloking(l) Set deblocking function;l ranges:
0: Let the video compressor apply the deblocking filter as needed
1: Never apply deblocking
2: Always apply deblocking
(This methods is invalid to type a file, as the deblocking function is always applied in type a file)
SetSmoothing(b) Set the smoothing function, b is Boolean type (This methods is invalid to type a file, as smoothing function is always applied in type a file)
SetVisible(b) Set the player to be visible or not, b is Boolean type; when the player is set to be invisible, the function to automatically show the control bar if the player senses the mouse cursor will be disabled
GetVisible() Check if the player is visible; if the control bar is automatically hided and the control bar is set to be invisible, the return value is false
SetEnabled(b) Set to enable/disable the UI of the control bar; if the UI of the control bar is disabled, all the buttons above are disabled
GetEnabled() Check if the UI of the control bar is enabled or disabled
SetColor(c) Set the color for control bar; c is integer, e.g. 0xFF0000 is red; when c is set to be undefined, the control bar appears translucent
AddListener(l) Add event Listener object to Listener list; object l should implement method of onEvent (sender, type, name, info), and sender is the dispatcher of the event; type is event type, any events in Flash Video MX's player always havea type of "MoyeaPlayer"; name is the event name; info is the additional information for the event
RemoveListener(l) Remove object l from the Listener list, then the object l can no longer receive events.
DispatchEvent(event_type, event_name, info) Dispatch event; all the objects in the Listener list can receive the event; event_type is the type defined by the dispatcher; event_name is the name defined by the dispatcher; info is the data defined by the dispatcher

Price: $99.95

Moyea Web Player Premium
Web Player Premium - Powerful Flash on Zune Player Solution!

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