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A graphical program for customizing flash video player for website
Price: $99.95

How to use programming interfacesTutorial

First, load the SWF to a Movie Clip, so that you can access the Player variable. Use loadMovie or MovieClipLoader.
var mc = createEmptyMovieClip("mc", getNextHighestDepth());
var thePlayer = mc.thePlayer;
Then, use the Player variable to access the methods. To handle the control bar events, you can code like the following:
var listener: Object = new Object();
listener.onEvent = function(sender, type, name, info)
//sender is thePlayer
if (name == "onCuePoint") { //handle other events if you like
trace("onCuePoint Event: name=" + info.name + ", type=" + info.type + ", time=" + info.time);

Price: $99.95

Moyea Web Player Premium
Web Player Premium - Powerful Flash on Zune Player Solution!

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